GMiner: 100% LHR Unlock Commands and Settings - 2022

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This guide will show you how to unlock LHR on video cards in mining. GMiner


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Commands to bypass LHR blocking are only supported by Nvidia graphics cards.

List of commands to unlock:


--lhr Specify a space-separated list of LHR modes.

Available values:

  • 0 - automatically,
  • 1 - activated,
  • 2 - off.



--lhr_tune is a space-separated list of LHR tuning values, which means the graphics card unlock percentage.

Available values:

  • 0 - automatically, (default)
  • 1-80.

Example: --lhr_tune 75 70 72

You can change the base values by setting the --lhr_tune X option in the advanced configuration to set the unlock method.



The miner will try to configure the GPUs automatically.

--lhr_autotune - Specify a list of LHR autotune separated by a space.

  • 0 - off,
  • 1 - on.

Example: --lhr_autotune 1 0 1

You can also disable LHR autotune by adding --lhr_autotune 0 to the advanced configuration.

To prevent the video card from trying to use the full power of the power supply when warming up to unusual temperatures, specify -lhr_autotune 0 in the batch file. Then change the LHR parameter to a more appropriate and stable percentage --Lhr_tune 73.5.



--lhr_autotune_step - specify LHR autotune step size, default value is 0,1.

Example: lhr_autotune_step 0.2


The parameters dag_mode, safe_dag, dag_limit, kernel, mt, fan, pl, cclock, cvddc, mclock, lock_voltage, lock_cclock, tfan, templimit, templimit_mem, intensity, lhr, lhr_tune, lhr_autotune, lhr_mode can be specified once for all devices:

miner --algo ethash --server --user 0x5576999cc34c1c0030f28939444d6ba9cd6919c2.worker1 --kernel 0 --templimit 80 --dag_mode 0


--lhr_mode - space-separated list of LHR modes (0 - power saving mode, 1 - maximum performance mode).

Default value 1 - maximum performance mode.

Example: --lhr_mode 1 0 1

If you write --lhr_mode 0 in the configuration of the miner’s Bat file, and then start mining for a while, then you can observe how the program itself determines the optimal auto-tuning value for LHR whenever the video card crashes with an error. After several such mining blocks, you will be able to determine for yourself which value is suitable for a particular video card. And finally, write the values ​​to the batch file.

The final version of our batch file for Gminer on Windows (connected to the 2miners pool) will look like this:

miner.exe --algo ethash --server --user 0x3aa3e06C47caDEf96202D378aB7C407CF46A36A4 --worker gminer --lhr_autotune 0 --lhr_tune 73.5

How to unlock LHR for each video card separately

Parameters for each video card are written with a space.

For auto-unlock mode, each video card will listen to the following code (if there are three):

--lhr_mod 0 1 0

Selection of real unlock percentage values ​​(for three video cards):

--lhr_autotune 0 1 0
--lhr_tune 73.5 74 74

If you have a mixed platform consisting of different AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, you can allow the miner to work only with CUDA (Nvidia) devices by writing:

--opencl 0

Or you can independently choose which video cards should work by serial number:

Example for GPU0, GPU2 and GPU4:

--devices 0 2 4

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Keep in mind that some LHR options only work as an administrator.

To run the software as an administrator, you must right-click on the .exe file or its shortcut and select Run as administrator.

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