GMiner - Changelog

2 minute read

A changelog is a record of changes to a software project or other technology product. GMiner



  • fixed memory leaks on AMD GPUs
  • fixed compatibility with latest linux distributions
  • fixed crashes appeared in v2.71


  • Improved LHR performance, added two modes (–lhr_mode): 0 - energy save mode, 1 - maximal performance mode (default). Miner display LHR unlock percentage in statistics table (LHR row), you can adjust it by –lhr_tune option. Now –lhr_tune meaning GPU unlock percentage, for compatibility lhr tunes below 10 mapped to new default values. If LHR auto-tune (–lhr_autotune) enabled miner tries increase LHR unlock percentage while mining.
  • Improved RavenCoin performance, fixed floating hashrate
  • Display maximum difficulty of shares for each GPU


  • improved auto-tune for LHR GPUs, now miner speedup performance when GPU is steady
  • removed –lhr_tune1 / –lhr_tune2 parameters, use –lhr_tune to tune LHR GPUs (value range is -10 - 10, old parameters ignored for compatibility)
  • display current –lhr_tune value and current kernel in statistics table


  • added auto-tune for LHR GPUs (enabled by default, to disable pass –lhr_autotune 0)
  • fixed RavenCoin support under Windows 7
  • increased reconnect tries on connection loss (–reconnect_count)
  • improved miner stability


  • detect lock of LHR GPUs, automatically unlock and continue mining
  • display of miner restart count by watchdog


  • generates valid DAG on higher OC modes
  • improved speed of DAG generation (up to 2x)


  • fixed miner crashes on DAG changes for ETH+ZIL mining
  • fixed DAG caching on 6GB cards
  • apply lock_voltage before DAG generation (in 2.52 miner applied lock_voltage after DAG generation)


  • core voltage support for Nvidia GPUs (–cvddc in %)
  • ability to lock voltage point (–lock_voltage), helps reduce power consumption
  • option to disable P2 state (–p2state 0)
  • fixed bug with invalid shares display in Web UI


  • significant CPU usage reduction (up to 5x, fixed LA problem under HiveOS)
  • fixed bug with AE mining (appeared in 2.50)
  • fixed bug with worker name (appeared in 2.50)


  • auto fan feature, now you can set target fan temperature (–tfan, –tfan_min, –tfan_max, Windows only)
  • reset overclocking before DAG generation (Windows only)
  • improved beamhash performance (~+2%)
  • improved cuckatoo32 performance (~+5%)
  • added display of GPU model in statistics table
  • added –worker parameter to specify worker name for ETH pools thats doesn’t support wallet.worker notation
  • added option to display date in log (–log_date)
  • added option to log stratum (–log_stratum)
  • display epoch and block number on new job
  • updated Web UI for –api
  • uses –proto stratum for NiceHash by default
  • removed algorithms: VDS, BFC
  • bug fixes and stability improvements