Download GMiner 3.38 - AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner

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Version: 3.38
File: *gminer.exe,
SHA256: 94d7836eea21ac70240ccde1e98c90b313c4c295a40076c8742c108d62b48c17
(Download for Linux)

GMiner The new GMiner 3.38 stable version is ready.

You can download GMiner 3.38 from here:

Download Now

Download (mirror)

Inside the archive you will find a file README.txt with installation instructions.

Triple Mining - Conflux | Radiant | Zil & Ergo | Radiant Zil

Highest Profits for GPU Mining

--dalgo radiant


--duser 1J6PoWCe3QPp973DMT5D38orYDcyJg1joC.%WORKER_NAME%


--ziluser zil1wzu06s52ya87zuuqws7e8en5tm65f2njyqsten

--dual_intensity 4

GPUs_ASICs - Profitability - Public.xlsx - Google Sheets

ASIC Buying Options - Google Sheets

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  • fixed performance degradation appeared in v3.36
  • significant hashrate improvement on Radiant, ETC+Radiant, Conflux+Radiant and Ergo+Radiant for GTX 10xx GPUs
  • improved Radiant hashrate for RTX 20X0 GPUs
  • added Ergo+Radiant, Ergo+Radiant+ZIL solver for Nvidia GPUs
  • added ETC+Radiant, ETC+Radiant+ZIL solver for Nvidia GPUs
  • added Conflux+Radiant, Conflux+Radiant+ZIL solver for Nvidia GPUs
  • added Radiant (Sha512_256D) support for Nvidia GPUs
  • added IronFish, IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs
  • added Ergo+IronFish, Ergo+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs
  • added ETC+IronFish, ETC+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs
  • added Conflux+IronFish, Conflux+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs
  • fixed share difficulty calculation for Radiant


mmpOS update command:

cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf gminer_3_38_linux64.tar.xz && cd /opt/mmp/miners/gminer && agent-stop && cp /tmp/miner . && agent-start

Hive OS update command:

cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf gminer_3_38_linux64.tar.xz && cd /hive/miners/gminer && miner stop && cp /tmp/miner $(ls -d1 */ | tail -1)/gminer && miner start

minerstat OS command:

cd /tmp; wget; tar -xvf gminer_3_38_linux64.tar.xz; sudo cp /tmp/miner /home/minerstat/minerstat-os/clients/gminer; mstart



Make sure to replace the pool and wallet address by what you’re using in all files.

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